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12TB NAS - Finished

The 12TB NAS has been pretty much "completed". Sure, it's not serving 12TB of disk space to the network (yet?), but I think it's enough for now. The current hardware is: CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1265LV2 RAM: 16GB DDR3 SSD: 64GB mSATA Crucial m4 HDD: 6x 2.5" Hitachi 5K1000 (1TB per disk) HDD: 3x 3.5" Seagate 500GB HBA: IBM M1015 (flashed to LSI 2008 in IT mode) It is still far from what I planned, but for now I've got other/better places to spend money. So for now the plan to do 6x 1TB and 6x 4TB, both in RAID-Z, ...

Read post -- Written on 05/07/2013 by Patrick Bregman

Playing around with ZFS part 2

About a week ago I posted about toying around with ZFS on a bunch of USB sticks. First thing I noticed after restarting the machine a few times, I discovered that my pool was degraded. After destroying and restoring my pool for a few times, I discovered that the device names of my sticks changed every time! This should be no problem when you're using them in a RAID-Z configuration, because they would still belong to the same set in that case. But I was using a striped mirrored setup (RAID10). The downside of this was that the disks of ...

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Playing around with ZFS

Just for fun I constructed a ZFS filesystem out of four 8GByte USB sticks. This was also to get a feel for the system and now what I could expect. And, primarily, I wanted to toy around with the different compression algorithms because I could not find a good review of them. I had already created the ZFS filesystem a few days ago, and wanted to work with it this morning. But for some reason all the ZFS command could say was that it couldn't find any pools. Shit. Nice start of the day... Because of this I decided to ...

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12TB NAS - A not-so-little update

Once again I changed a few things about the hardware for my NAS. Or rather, the intended hardware. For now I'm still running on the Intel DH77DF with an Intel Xeon 1265LV2 and 16GByte of RAM. I added an 2TB disk to the system to be able to use it like a desktop system. The 64GByte SSD is being used to boot the OS from and all the programs, and the 2TB disk is being used for all my personal data and source code etc. So, what did I change this time? Well... Quite a few things. Try to follow. ...

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Middle mouse button on Mac OS X

Over two years ago I wrote a Dutch blogpost about this exact same subject. Back then I suggested MiddleClick.app for this. I was going to write a post about how this app didn't work with OS X versions 10.7 and later, but apparently the app was updated. This is great news when all you want is middle click functionality. But I wanted more. I also wanted to have the Windows 7 like window snapping. While this is available in commercial products like HyperDock, which is a great product and you should really give it a go, I decided to give ...

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