This week's photo - week 3 of 2012

Written on 01/17/2012 by Patrick Bregman

So, let's get this back on schedule. This is the second post about this today, but I need to do something to get this back on track.

What you see here is a picture of a small house just outside the town of Vianen in the Netherlands. On the background you see a lot of smoke coming from a burning factory. Normally the bus would get quite close (±100 meters) but we weren't allowed to go that close. So while I hoped to bring you all nice pictures of the flames, this is the best I could do for you.

Just outside Vianen

Do note that this picture is heavily post processed to get these kind of colors. I didn't tweak it all myself, I used Aperture 3 to do it for me. what you're seeing is actually just a preset with a few tweaks for exposure done by myself.

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