A short holiday

All about peace and quiet, right?

Written on 04/28/2012 by Patrick Bregman

At the moment I'm "enjoying" a holiday to a little town called "Beekbergen". This is located just below the Dutch city of Apeldoorn. I've been complaining a lot over the past day and a half that I was bored and didn't want to go on this holiday. A few of you replied to this by telling me that I should "just enjoy my holiday" or that I should "enjoy the peace and quiet" but I just can't.

I'm pretty damn easily bored and I generally just need something to do, no matter how "stupid" it may seem to some. As soon as I have nothing to do, I am starting to over think things. Not just things that happened recently, but also stuff that happened ages ago. And it's exactly that which is something that I hate. Not necessarily because I dislike over thinking things, because there surely are things which are awesome to think about. No, the main reason is that I also over think things that I can't change anymore.

What sucks most about this is that afterwards I can always come up with more than enough ways to do it better than originally. At the moment that someone asks me a difficult or important question, I always try to answer ASAP, and that causes me to rush to an answer and not think about all the options I have. This only happens one hour or more after the question was asked or the problem raised. The one area where this doesn't happen is with technical or server issues at work, for some reason I always have an answer ready when that happens...

But let's try and listen to my friends and try to enjoy my vacation :)

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