Being afraid of being different - It sucks!

Written on 05/11/2012 by Patrick Bregman

One thing I recently ran into was something I'd like to call "fear of difference". I believe everybody has this up o a certain point, otherwise people would never group together without a clear reason. By this I mean groups that exist without a clear shared goal. Of course there are also groups that stick together to reach a certain goal or to just have a nice time, but I'm referring to groups that all smoke "because they do it as well!". But enough about the definition, let's get on to the real goal.

What I described above is something that doesn't hit me all that much, so most of the time I couldn't care less about what other people think about me. This is the reason that for the past few years I had the most colorfull jackets I could find. Why? Because I simply like color! The whole fashion around that time was oriented at boring browns, grays and black... But recently, the fear of difference hit me quite hard. It was a rainy day, so I took an umbrella with me to work. This is because I have to walk about 10 to 15 minutes from the public transport to work, and I hate arriving wet. The downside was that I had to go to school after work, and I was seriously doubting what I should do with my umbrella.

Should I leave it at work so it wouldn't look weird at school? Or should I take it so I would be sure to arrive dry at school? This was something that was quite on my mind during work. Finally yhe fear of being different won because it looked like it was gonna be dry so I left my umbrella at work. Luckily there was no significant amount of rain that day so I stayed relatively dry, but it sucks to be so afraid of not fitting in the group (nobody takes an umbrella to school AFAIK) that you take suchs "risks".

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