Physical contact

It's no biggie, right?

Written on 05/07/2012 by Patrick Bregman

For most people, physical contact is no problem. Be it a hug, a handshake or having someone sit so close to you on the bus that you just have to touch. The last part mostly happen with people who are more than a little bit overweight. For me, it's a whole different story. I just don't like physical contact, I don't know why. Alright, I have to admit, something as basic as a good handshake, no problem.

But when you are talking about something more, like hugs, I just don't know what to do. I mean, sure, I can hug about 4 or 5 people whom I consider as close friends. But if you're a relative stranger than no way I can go around and hug you. Or at least, not in normal day-to-day live. Anime conventions are a whole different story, but that's because a hug there is equivalent to what a handshake is in "normal" live.

When I was visiting Urk about 4 months ago, there was a small wall that was separating the beach from the road, and I was walking on top of that wall. No problem, wide enough for one person and if anything happened, the drop was only 2 or 3 meters to the sand of the beach. But then I discovered a person coming my way, also walking on the wall. He had the "great" idea of holding on to each other to cross on a wider piece. It was more than wide enough to cross each other without touching, but for some reason he grabbed me so he could pass me. And not simply by the hand, but no, he had to grab me, pull himself close to me, then twist each other so we passed and let go.

I was not really pleased with that, but hey, what am I gonna do? Tell him that? No way I can do that, because he couldn't know this and I obviously don't go outside with a sign around my neck saying "Don't touch (it bites)!".

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