Public toilets

A kinda smelly story

Written on 05/15/2012 by Patrick Bregman

Alright, everybody (or at least every man) probably knows the public toilets you have at restaurants, stations and the like. The places where you have a wall filled with urinals. And according to Wikipedia, they even have women urinals, so maybe women also know what I'm talking about.

The real point I'm trying to make is how do you get the "courage" to use them? I mean, the stalls with a door that you can close and lock are functionally almost the same. I mean, you can also use them do "do your business" so why do so many people still use the urinals? Even when the toilet is completely empty and there is little to no chance of anyone entering (e.g. at a train station around midnight, nearly nobody there) I don't "dare" to use it... Is it some kind of shame? Or is it maybe just not knowing "what to do" when somebody else enters...

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