12TB NAS - Software part 3

Written on 09/16/2012 by Patrick Bregman

Last time I begun with describing what software I wanted to run on the NAS. This time, I'll finish that listing. In the previous post I talked about the following items:

  • Apple Time Machine support
  • Silent (Still wondering what this does in a software post :P)
  • File storage

This post will give some information about:

  • Database server
  • Webserver
  • Virtual machines
  • Media streaming

So, let's get started with the remaining 4 subjects.

Database server

I develop my own sites, and this would be a perfect testbed for them. But to test them properly I need to have a good database server. My preference goes to PostgreSQL, but you can also install MySQL if you want to. It all boils down to the fact that I need a database engine for my webdeveloping.


And when you're doing webdevelopment, you should have some kind of server running to be able to test it and try stuff out. My choice is nginx, but this is only because I know this server well. If you feel more at home with LigHTTPD, Apache, Cherokee or any other server, it's an option to install it.

Virtual machines

This is very low in my priority ranking, and that's primarily because I'm not all too certain how well the i3 CPU can handle virtual machines. My prefence goes to KVM, but I doubt that this is included. It should be, but I can find no references to it online for some reason. This is something that I'll have to try. If this should work, it would be fun to have a few VM's running with VNC access enabled so that you have a kind of "desktop in the cloud".

Media streaming

The very last thing that I might want to make work is media streaming. If I have a system with 12TB of useable storage, then why not use it to serve my media files? I am still looking into a good solution, because on one hand it would be pretty neat to have support for iTunes since my main platform is OS X. On the other hand, when you get a new TV nowadays it supports streaming media too. This is something that I'll have to figure out, primarily because it might be necessary to recode the media before sending it off to iTunes or a TV...

Little hardware update

My case isn't delivered yet, I hope to receive it on Monday. I'll be sure to snap some pictures to make a nice unpacking post! Also, if you happen to know any energy efficient (TDP of 45W or lower) Ivy Bridge CPUs, please tell me. I've been searching for them myself, but so far haven't been able to find them.

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