12TB NAS - Finished

Though not exactly as expected

Written on 05/07/2013 by Patrick Bregman

The 12TB NAS has been pretty much "completed". Sure, it's not serving 12TB of disk space to the network (yet?), but I think it's enough for now. The current hardware is:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1265LV2
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3
  • SSD: 64GB mSATA Crucial m4
  • HDD: 6x 2.5" Hitachi 5K1000 (1TB per disk)
  • HDD: 3x 3.5" Seagate 500GB
  • HBA: IBM M1015 (flashed to LSI 2008 in IT mode)

It is still far from what I planned, but for now I've got other/better places to spend money. So for now the plan to do 6x 1TB and 6x 4TB, both in RAID-Z, is parked. I probably will get back to it once my current ~3.6TB of usable isn't enough anymore for what I'm doing. One thing that did change since the last post is that I added 3x 500GB disks. What's up with those?

Well, between my last post and this post, a friend and I started a little livestreaming thing. After streaming we take all the videos home, edit them and upload them to YouTube. And I didn't want to overload the brand new SSD in my MacBook, so I decided to create a ~800GB iSCSI volume on those disks to put all the videos on. So far it's been working fine. A lot better than the first attempt which was a sparse disk image on an SMB share. I'm getting roughly 100MByte/s as throughput to that disk from my MacBook using 1Gbit Ethernet, and I'm fine with that. Good enough for Final Cut Pro X.

For now, I've decided to spend the moeny I reserved for the 6x 4TB disks (roughly 6x €180,- or €1080) on a different project. Let's just say that that money will probably be just enough to buy the CPU. More info on it as soon as it's confirmed!

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